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Welcome to Nathan's site devoted to trading U2 music!


I am new to the U2 CD trading circuit, but have spent years gathering together a pretty good collection of their music and videos. I have some of their harder to find albums (e.g. their '91 studio sessions album <outtakes from their Salome 3-CD set>, Hasta la Vista, Baby!, Live from Irving Plaza <2001>, a video CD of 8 of their later videos <Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me; 3 versions of Beautiful Day, Stuck in a Moment, Walk On, Staring at the Sun, and their appearance on the Simpsons>, and 2 compilation CDs of various MP3s that I converted to a real CD <most are Bono's individual projects, many are covers of other performers) as well as near all of their albums, singles, collaberations, etc... I am hoping to trade copies of my albums for copies of any of their shows and/or their hard to obtain albums. For a brief list of what I have, please go to the "What I have" page on this site, or e-mail me at for a complete and in-depth catalogue of my albums or to make a trade.


Bono: Vocals & Guitar
The Edge: Lead Guitar
Larry Mullens Jr.: Drums
Adam Clayton: Bass